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2007 March – Tainan National University of the Arts. Tainan, Taiwan (ROC)

I was invited by artist and pupil Hun Yi-Chen (1971-2011). Yi died suddenly, four years after
my visit to Tainan. She was an excellent painter, and by then, a great teacher. The painting
under the three images of her, is titled “Fine Art III”, 1997, oil on canvas, 60×53 cms


The studio I had during my Artist in Residence, was surrounded by extraordinary examples
of primary and secondary colours which are portrayed in the paintings I produced there
(see “Chinese Fa” 2007). The university campus resembled a little Venice but the variety of
insects, frogs and rich flora was a constant reminder of China. The universal language of
rich colour allowed me to cross the language barrier and made possible a course
on colour which was carried out by walking around the campus with the students and
doing live studies in situ from the variety of samples on display.The residency concluded
with several lectures and workshops.


The visit extended to Taichung where I tutored a group of MA students from Dayeh
University in Changhua under the leadership of artist and pupil Alton Huang.
Photos of him followed by one of his works.