Light and darkness at home

9000 years old clock

Shadows and drums at Asikli

Asikli Hoyuk 2015

Shadowhoyuk 2007

Asikli Science+Art

El Manierisme en català

The mind in the manner (English)

El Manierismo (Castellano)

Is there more to prehistoric art than Archaeology?

Art and Language

Seven Women Seven Works – Picasso

Picasso’s Guernica

El Guernica de Picasso

Las Meninas Picasso Velazquez

Joan Miró 1893 – 1983

Guerra Civil Española 1

Guerra civil española 2

Could the prehistoric human fly?

Asiki_Derya Talay and Çağla Kaya


Seminar Istanbul 2022

Playing with light in Catalhoyuk with Naomi Christie

The making of Alexander the Great

Çatalhöyük Arik Marciniak 2007

Çatalhöyük Füsun Ertug 2007


Catalhoyuk – Spirals 2007

Eva Bosch

Playing with light with Naomi Christie

Until recently, painting has been my primary medium for the investigation of colour as light as the core element of my imagery, the subject matter being secondary. The observation of sunlight at dawn and dusk and the range of hues that it creates in its journey provides a strong reference for the colour relationships within my work. In recent years, this led to further exploration of this in the context of a series of residencies undertaken on archaeological sites, using photography and making videos with sunlight as the subject.

During my first residency at a Neolithic settlement, Çatalhöyük (Turkey 2007), as part of an interdisciplinary team, I began to observe light entering the prehistoric units. My work led to a significant discovery: a sun clock (a beam of light manifested in each dwelling enters through an opening at the roof and drifts like a sundial to different areas inside each house.

As artist in residence at another, older, Neolithic settlement Aşıklı Höyük, successive visits to the site (2015, 2017, 2019) have further developed my interest in observation of this phenomena and the formation of new work in new media.

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